Did You Know, Food Can Cause Stomach Bloating

Flatulence can cause discomfort. These complaints often arise, and are often taken lightly, even though they cannot be underestimated. The causes of flatulence are quite diverse, one of which is food consumed. Many people don't realize that food can cause flatulence. Complaints of flatulence arise when digestion is filled with air or gas. Often characterized by a stomach that feels full, tight, and sometimes the stomach looks enlarged. Generally when a person experiences bloating, the stomach also aches so that it can interfere with activity. Different Types of Foods Cause Flatulence Here are some foods that can cause flatulence: Apple Although rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, some people can experience flatulence and other digestive problems after eating apples. This is because apples contain high fiber and fructose (sugar content in the fruit). If apples are your favorite fruit, but often cause digestive problems, it's good to eat apples after meals, or in
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